“As a little boy, the dinner parties at grandma’s place were awfully boring and slow. To speed things up a little, I played around with the endless amount of things that occupied the house. The most effective time-killer was to search for hidden compartments in the antique furniture. Surely, I had searched for the same ones many times before, but there was always a feeling of satisfaction when I found them. It felt like only I knew about them, and the pieces of furniture became more than only a means of storage or parts of the room interior”.

This was the feeling we started from when we designed this furniture. Oblique is a sophisticated storage system; like building blocks, you can choose the combination and also choose its appearance. A box can be placed in eight different directions. Imagine then how many different combinations that can be created out of ten boxes. Oblique plays with light in the room and creates the illusion of shades of colour on its body.

See a movie on how to build Oblique in different ways HERE

Design Olof Nordenson & Ulf N Jevin