Oh Morris is an easy chair that plays with the contrast between industrialism, crafts and nature. Oh Morris visual expression can be traced to modernist times with dry, and sharp geometric shapes. If you sit down in the chair the illusion of Modernist references will be crushed. Other references will come up instead. You will sink down into the chair like you sink down in moss. If you have luck you maybe will see some insects on the furniture. But you don’t have to be afraid it is embroidery handmade by the designer.

This project deals with this relationship that we have to our belongings. The project searches for answers in theories and thoughts that had a critical view towards the industrialism’s ability to make things impersonal and soulless. During Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau artefacts were created from a storytelling point of view and also from personal expression. The craft and the human were put in the centre rather than the machine.

Design Olof Nordenson